Remote working

Why we are a fully remote company

Since our funding back in 2016, our company offers UI and UX design services to development companies distributed across the globe.

We fulfill the design needs they may have in order to achieve a high-quality product.

We are another link in the chain of creating a digital product.

But one particular question was always surrounding: how could we satisfy the needs of companies in different locations, different hours and even different days?

That’s the reason why we decided to mimic the trend many other companies as Zapier or Buffer were leading and turn this business into a fully remote company. To comply our goal, we built a team that works in different cities and countries from Argentina, Venezuela, and Bangladesh.

We truly believe this model is the most convenient for us for reasons beyond cost reductions. In fact, we are sure that remote working can really offer all these benefits

  • We avoid commuting and the waste of time this represents.
  • We trust in the chance that every member can manage their own time and space, and these commodities help them perform at their best.
  • Productivity and concentrations levels are improved due to the elimination of distractions and discomforts.


Evening desk view

Lautaro feels more productive in the evening


“We focus on two things when hiring. First, find the best people you can in the world. And second, let them do their work. Just get out of their way.” – Matt Wullenweg, Automattic


Leon workspace in a morning view

Leon’s workspace, fresh in the morning.


  • Remote work allows us to choose the time of the day we are more productive (this could be in the morning, evening or even late night for some), instead of fitting into mandatory hours.

“The flexibility that remote working brings makes that we don’t have to worry about living life at the end of the day. ” – GitLab


Sajon's desk during the night

Sajon’s desk, working late at night.


  • All tasks and projects are perfectly managed and visible to everyone thanks to many online tools such as Trello or Slack. This way, everything is always settled and available.
  • Work is where we are. We can choose where to live, without being attached to a specific city.
  • It allows us to find talent in any place, without geographic boundaries. We believe in the chance of building a team of people based on their talent and what they can bring to the business, their knowledge, expertise and dedication, without being restricted to a city population.
  • As we all are in different locations with different time zones, we produce almost 24/7
  • To work with clients from around the globe, we must have an international vision. Remote working has let us worked for companies in the USA, New Zealand, and Europe.

“The best talent isn’t found in a single zip code, and an international clientele requires a global perspective.” – 10up

As everything, remote working is not perfect and has a few obstacles and cons

  • Time zone difference can make some meetings have crazy schedules.
  • Small feedbacks and corrections may take more time than it would do if working in an office where it is easier to make consultations in time.
  • It may take more time to explain a task via email than speaking
  • It represents a bigger challenge to create a Business Culture.

But we are totally convinced that the most important to build a remote working business is to find people who feel comfortable working this way to exploit the bunch of benefits this modality offers.
We feel our best working remotely. We know what you need and how to accomplish it. So no matter where you are, feel sure your product is in the best hands with us.